Now Verify Your Ticket Broker Through WhatsApp

Along with QR code to verify your TC, Railways is now providing a WhatsApp helpline number to get hold of fake ticket brokers.


With summer vacations around the corner, the demand for railway tickets is increasing and railway ticket agents or brokers dupe customers who are in urgent need for tickets. It's a common practice for them to handover bogus tickets to gullible passengers.

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To curb these practices, Railways has introduced a WhatsApp helpline number where people can send the picture of their agent along with the details and the railway authorities will verify its authenticity. 

The number where people can verify it is 9987645307. Once the photo is received, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) will scrutinise the records of the brokers. If found guilty, action will be taken against the ticket brokers under Section 142, 143, 144, 145, 146 of the Railway Act.

Notably, Central Railway had initiated QR code-based technology which will help commuters identify if their Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) is genuine. Apart from helping identify a genuine TTE, it will also help identify TTEs who misbehave or are rude with passengers. All that a passenger needs to do is scan the TTE’s QR code and report him to the railways.

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