Mumbai local may start for general public soon

Mumbai local may start for general public soon

Mumbai's lifeline, the local train services (Mumbai local) was shut down for a few months due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. The services were re-started in a staggered manner to avoid overcrowding. Initially, only people engaged in essential services were allowed to travel via local trains. However, with the passage of time, others are being given permission to travel via local trains. 

Unfortunately, the general public is yet to get permission regarding the same and the state government is giving thorough consideration amidst the increasing COVID-19 cases. 

It is expected that the state government may decide to allow all commuters on Mumbai’s local trains in the next few days. As a matter of fact, the state’s relief and rehabilitation minister Vijay Wadettiwar on Tuesday had put out a tweet in regards. Replying to a concerned citizen Twitter he shared, “We have held discussions with various stakeholders. Mumbaikars will get relief on this very soon.” His tweet was in response to a tweet by a commuter. 

At present, bank employees, Dabbawalas, lawyers and women are allowed to travel along with the workers from the essential services. Over the last few days, officials have witnessed a significant increase in the number of passengers on Mumbai local, and as per reports, the number has increased by over a lakh in just 7 days after the decision to allow women passengers was announced. As per reports, about 8 lakh passengers travel on the Central, Western and Harbour Railway lines every day. Before the coronavirus outbreak, Mumbai local was used by around 8 million people on a daily basis.

Since a majority of people have to buy tickets for their journey, overcrowding has been witnessed at many stations. Earlier when only employees engaged in essential services were availing local trains, they were doing so using a QR code. To avoid inconvenience and crowding at the station, many have been demanding to allow the use of the UTS app.

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