Delhi-Mumbai IndiGo flight turns back due to bird hit

Delhi-Mumbai IndiGo flight turns back due to bird hit

On Sunday, an IndiGo flight that was destined to travel from Mumbai to Delhi had to turn back due to a bird hit. An IndiGo aircraft 6E 5047 had to abort take-off and an alternative plan had to be arranged for the passengers, according to a report in ANI.

The IndiGo flight had to take off at 8 am and scheduled to land in New Delhi at 10:15 AM.

About a month back, a similar incident happened on an AirAsia flight. The incident took place on August 8 in which AirAsia flight (i5-632), was scheduled to fly from Ranchi to Mumbai. The plane was hit by a bird during take-off and was forced to abort operations. 

An AirAsia spokesperson responding on that incident at that time had said, “AirAsia India aircraft VT-HKG operating from Ranchi to Mumbai as flight i5-632 encountered a bird hit during scheduled departure at 11:50 hrs, today, 8th August 2020."

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