Transport Minister directs officials to conduct road safety training for drivers in the state

Discussions regarding the same were held at the meeting focused towards reducing the number of accidents. Addressing the same, the minister said that the drivers need to be trained for atleast eight days, keeping the terms of road safety in mind.

Transport Minister directs officials to conduct road safety training for drivers in the state

Maharashtra's Transport Minister, Anil Parab, in a recent meeting, stated that the drivers across the state should be trained for road safety and these programs planned will aim to reduce the number of accidents, thereby saving lives. Discussions regarding the same were held at the 10th Maharashtra State Road Safety Council meeting at the Sahyadri Guest House under the leadership of Minister Parab.

Addressing the concerns, he stated that many people across Maharashtra lose their lives due to accidents, and this leads to the emotional and financial loss of a family. The loss due to a minor or major accident has to be borne by the family. Besides that, it affects the social well-being and ethics, and such problems are serious. As per data, the state faces losses (direct or indirect) of around 3 per cent due to accidents, and hence officials need to take all the necessary measures to control the same.

Most incidents are reported from accident-prone areas, and steps need to be taken to reduce the same, which includes proper planning, in both rural and urban localities. Keeping the same in mind, Anil Parab directed the concerned departments to take action against vehicles carrying more goods than their capacity,  carrying unlicensed goods in passenger buses, unlicensed illegal vehicles, as well as illegal activities like two-wheeler road racing.

Members, in detail, discussed the directions given by the Road Safety Committee of the Supreme Court, as well as the functioning of the District Road Safety Committee. As per this directive, review of the proceedings pertaining to various issues and measures to be taken by various departments. have to be planned, to reduce the number of incidents

Along with the minister, the meeting was attended by Additional Chief Secretary of Transport Department Ashish Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary of Home Department Amitabh Gupta, Director General of Police (Transport) Bhushan Kumar Upadhye, Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhakne, Vice President and Managing Director of Maharashtra State Transport Corporation Shekhar Channe, Public Works Department, MMRDA, C Senior officials from IRT, Transport Commissioner, Road Safety Department, Highway Police Traffic and Health Department as well as Regional Transport Officers and Deputy Regional Transport Officers.

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