79 services of Railways cancelled due Motormen’s Strike

The strike happened after the motormen refused to work overtime and thus, the commuters faced a dilemma throughout the day. The strike was called off at around 8:00 pm on August 10.

79 services of Railways cancelled due Motormen’s Strike

Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai and if the transportation faces any interruption, then the commuters face a dire situation. On Friday, the Central Railways’ motormen went on strike after refusing to work overtime. As a result, 79 services of the Central Railways were cancelled. The cancellation caused a gathering of a huge crowd at the Platform Number One and Two of Dadar. The people were neither able to ascend nor they could descend from the stairs.

Due to the strike, six services from Harbour, Central and Trans-Harbour were cancelled during the morning rush hours. After which, 61 services were suspended due to the strike. Usually, the Railways has 1074 services in a day but on August 10, 79 services were cancelled by 5:00 pm.

Long queues of trains were seen from the CSMT to Byculla station. Due to this, the train passengers got off the trains and walked by the tracks. Similarly, the locals were running 15 to 20 minutes late causing a large gathering of passengers on the station.