Railways to resume usage of escalators

In view of the increased number of commuters, the Railways has decided to resume the usage of escalators.

Railways to resume usage of escalators

For the convenience of the passengers using the suburban railway system in Mumbai, the railway administration has decided to resume the usage of escalators.

As per reports, the railways had to face the wrath of the passengers due to its closure. Currently, besides essential service personnel, certain professionals and women are allowed to travel by local trains. The general public is still not allowed to travel via local trains.

Despite this, the number of passengers has gone up to 15 lakhs. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, at least 76 sliders on the Central Railways and 52 on the Western Railways had been closed earlier, which are now to resume again.

According to sources, disabled travellers, senior citizens, pregnant women were facing a lot of difficulties while climbing the pedestrian bridge and even complained of suffocation and breathlessness. Mail-Express passengers also had to climb a pedestrian bridge to get out of the station with their luggage.

The Western Railways has now shifted to the station where the Mail-Express trains stop, which is to start soon. At present, a total of 80 special trains run up and down the Western Railway. Trains departing from Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central will stop at Dadar, Borivali and some other stations.

Meanwhile, the decision to resume Mumbai locals for everyone is yet to be taken. The decision has not been taken regarding this in spite of repeated requests and protests made by the passengers, travel associations and the state's opposition parties. It is expected that it will be taken post-New Year after reviewing the daily number of cases.