Mumbai’s 'dangerous’ bridges closed for commuting

Five bridges have been closed to deter any mishaps similar to Gokhale Bridge incident


After the Gokhle Bridge Collapse at Andheri Railway Station, the Brihnamumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Western Railways have closed commute through certain bridges until the structural audit of 445 bridges is finished. They have diverted the traffic travelling from these bridges.

Western Railways has closed Ambadi bridge in Vasai which joins the Western and Eastern part of the area. The bridge is closed for the commuters since Saturday night.

Five railway bridges which are in dangerous a condition have been closed on Western and Central Railways. Railway informed that there is no traffic movement allowed on these bridges and the route has been diverted.

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Since Saturday night, Foot Over Bridge (FOB) bridge which joins Mahim and Bandra in Kalanagar has been closed along with a FOB beside Malad Railway Station. Also, a bridge in Ghatkopar’s Vasant Naik (West) has been closed due to its dangerous position.

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