Lower Parel Bridge to be demolished by Railways in February

The bridge will be demolished and soon, Western Railways will issue a tender for construction of the new bridge


One of the busiest bridges of Western Railways, Lower Parel bridge will be demolished by the rail corporation in February. The tender for the new bridge will be issued by the Railways as soon as the old bridge has been hammered down. Accordingly, they also have planned to finish the procedure to issue tender within two months of the demolition of the bridge and along with it, they also plan to complete the construction of the new bridge within ten months.

The process to remove the girders and pillars from the bridge, magnetic blocks will be run for 12 to 15 hours. The procedure will begin from Saturday and Sunday in February for removing the blocks. During the process, local trains coming from Borivali, Virar to Churchgate will be stopped at Dadar station.

A contract of ₹85 crore will be provided by the Railways for the new bridge. The new bridge will be expanded keeping in mind the new sixth railway line between Mumbai Central and Borivali station. The new bridge will be 85 meters long and 37 meters wide. Two separate lanes will be built for pedestrians on either side.

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