Maharashtra Transport Minister forms committee to study transport facilities

As per reports, a committee has been constituted to study passenger behavior and transport facilities in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Transport Minister forms committee to study transport facilities

In recent developments, Anil Parab, Minister of State for Transport, informed that a committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Additional Director General of Police (Transport) to study the demand of passengers, facilities of citizens and rounds of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC).

Moreover, a meeting was held at the Ministry regarding the unofficial status of the unauthorized passenger transporters (maxi cab policy). In view of the situation, Anil Parab stated that this committee should study all the issues like increasing transport facilities, passenger facilities and submit a report to the government within two months. The government has given a monopoly to the MSRTC for the convenience of passengers in the state.

According to sources, the meeting was attended by Additional Chief Secretary of Transport Department Ashish Kumar Singh, Additional Director General of Traffic Police Upadhyay, Transport Commissioner Dhakne, S.T.

Meanwhile, earlier on Tuesday, February 9, Transport Minister Anil Parab stated that he is to make a decision with regards to the fare hike for the people using the services of MSRTC.

In February 2020, diesel was priced at INR 66 per litre. In February 2021, the same rate reached INR 79. At present, the ST Corporation consumes 9 lakh litres of diesel per day and the price of diesel has been increased. Therefore, ST Corporation has to bear an additional burden of INR 1 crores per day as compared to last year.

The accumulated loss of ST has gone beyond INR 5,000 crores. Considering the financial losses incurred by the corporation during the lockdown, the losses incurred by the corporation are estimated to increase by another INR 1,000 crores. Therefore, in order to increase the income, the fare will have to be increased for some time to come. However, the exact amount will be decided at a meeting of the board of directors. At the same time, the legal aspects are being examined before applying the 'flexible ticket price' in the ST.

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