Malad skywalk to remain shut down for 11 days

The Malad skywalk connects two of major pedestrian bridges near Malad station. The skywalk is set to remain closed for 11 days


A few weeks back, the 102-year-old Patri Pool bridge was demolished after it was found hazardous for public use.

The situation of the pedestrian bridge at Masjid was also said to be dangerous and hence razed soon after. Now, the skywalk at Malad that connects two of major pedestrian bridges of the city, will remain closed for 11 days, starting from December 10, Monday.

The skywalk will remain shut down till December 21 for repair purposes and will be left open for public use after December 22. Western Railways has apologised for the inconvenience and have asked the pedestrians to cooperate.

Keeping the same in mind, officials have also arranged special police security forces from Maharashtra Police Force and Railway Police Force to manage the crowd using the bridges.

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