Non-functional mobile charging points BEST buses leaves passengers restless

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) had introduced USB charging points in the buses in order to help the passengers overcome


Mobile phones are an inseparable part of an individual's life in today's time. Anything and everything is available at the touch of a fingertip, making the smartphone, a necessity rather than a luxury today. In a city like Mumbai, where the people are always running, mobile phones play a crucial part as the majority of the time when a Mumbaikar is travelling, smartphones become a loyal travelling companion.

The electronic devices are used by travellers for various purposes such as watching videos, reading the latest happenings in the world on the go, playing games, amongst others. However, the only concern throughout the journey is that the phone battery might run out any time soon.

In order to tackle the issue, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) had introduced mobile charging points with USB portals in its buses earlier this year. 

Bought The Buses From Tata Motors

BEST Corporation had bought the technologically advanced buses from Tata Motors and these vehicles were inaugurated by the corporation on April 25 at the Wadala Depot. The buses were put on Mumbai roads after the inaugural ceremony was conducted by Shiv Sena youth wing chief Aditya Thackeray.

Meanwhile, the transport wing has claimed that the service has benefitted thousands of passengers so far who used the USB portals to charge their phones. However, numerous charging ports have been reported to be closed in the 'technologically advanced' buses.

Hassle For Passengers But BEST Offers Help

Due to the non-functional charging points, the passengers are faced with trouble when they require to charge their phones which are low on battery. However, after receiving complaints from the passengers about non-functional charging points, BEST has asked the travellers to contact concerned authorities.

The passengers have been asked to either dial 1800227550 (toll-free number) or they can reach out the concerned authorities by sending an e-mail to

Here are some of the other notable features in these advanced buses:

  • Consists of Euro-4 engine and runs on an automatic transmission, thus avoiding the hassle of using the clutch.
  • Height of platforms near doors reduced and width of doors increased.
  • A blower system has been installed in the centre of the bus.
  • The length of the bus has been increased to 12 meters.
  • Eight mobile charging points installed next to seats.
  • Air suspension installed at the end of the bus for passengers' comfort.
  • Space increased between two seats.
  • LED lights installed inside the bus to increase visibility.
  • Pre-coated Aluminium sheets installed for inside bus roofs.
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