Arvind Sawant chairs a road safety meeting; directs officials to impose fine on illegal parking

Sawant, the Chairman of the Road Safety Committee, chaired the meeting to discuss important issues pertaining towards parking, pollution, accidents and other aspects related to traffic and road safety.

Arvind Sawant chairs a road safety meeting; directs officials to impose fine on illegal parking

Member of Parliament (MP) and Chairman of the Road Safety Committee, Arvind Sawant, on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, stated that the traffic discipline should be observed by all the citizens in the city and if failed, strict action should be taken against two-wheelers and illegal parking anywhere on the road. 

A meeting regarding the same was held under the chairmanship of Arvind Sawant at the Mumbai City Collectorate whereby he also said that while declaring one-way traffic on the road, the authorities should also take people's representatives in confidence. Besides Sawant, the meeting was attended by Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar, MLA Ajay Chaudhary, MLA Yamini Jadhav, Member Secretary of the Committee and District Collector Rajiv Nivatkar. 

He took to Twitter to share the same, and said, "Chaired 'Road Safety Committee' meeting held to discuss key issues regarding illegal parking menace, vehicular pollution, accidents etc. Illegal parking menace has increased, creating huge traffic jams. Directed the traffic police dept to initiate action against illegal parking."

Sharing more information, Sawant pointed out the problem of parking in Mumbai calling it 'very serious' and said that if Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT), Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), and BEST provide space for parking, then the problems will definitely be reduced. This was suggested considering the increasing number of vehicles in Mumbai which, on a daily basis, leads to heavy traffic. Further, he also said that the State Road Safety Council should be informed to take a strategic decision to de-register old vehicles.

Sawant suggested that while constructing the road or declaring one-way traffic on the road, the decision should be taken by the authorities by trusting the people's representatives. This will help implement stricter enforcement to place a ban on heavy vehicles. Further, the municipal vehicles carrying garbage should pick up garbage before 8 am or after 8 pm. He also directed the team to check whether the equipment developed by IIT students can be used to reduce vehicle pollution.

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar suggested that a special day should be implemented as a cycle day in different parts of the city to help reduce traffic and pollution problems.

The meeting was held in detail which included discussions on the causes of the increasing number of accidents in Mumbai, and ways to reduce the same. The MLAs and officials present addressed the transport issue in detail. Along with the above-mentioned attendees, the meeting also saw the participation of Sub-Regional Transport Officer Pradip Shinde as well as Traffic Police, Mumbai Port Trust, BEST, MHADA, JJ Hospital, Public Works, Education Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation, MSRDC, and Regional Transport Office, Mumbai (Central).

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