State Transport Corporation increases fare prices just before Diwali

In an attempt to boost their revenue the State Transport (ST) Corporation has decided to increase the fare prices. Owing to this, the passengers will face a minor strain on transport expenses during the festive season


Just prior to Diwali, the State Transport (ST) Corporation has announced a 10 per cent rise in the prices of its bus tickets. Every year, the ST buses witness an exponential rise in the ridership during Diwali as the people travel to their native villages to visit their relatives. Encashing on the opportunity, the bus corporation decided to boost their revenue by increasing the fare prices.

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Therefore, the State Transport bus passengers will have to face a minor strain on transport expenses during the festive season.

However, the Corporation has announced that the rise in the prices will not be applicable for all the buses and only selected buses. Currently, the hike in the fare prices will be applicable only for Hirkani (semi-luxury) and Shivshahi (seater) buses but the Shivshahi (sleeper), Shivneri and Ashwamedh will not face a rise in ticket prices. 

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The move will be effective between October 25 and November 5, since the citizens tend to travel often during Diwali. Additionally, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has allowed ST Corporation to increase fare prices up to 30 per cent.

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