Mum- Nagpur in 8 hours?

Mum- Nagpur in 8 hours?

Mumbai- Henceforth, Mumbaikars will be able to reach Nagpur in mere eight hours which otherwise takes 11 hours. “We have started land survey and then we will introduce Mumbai- Nagpur Super Expressway”, said chief engineer Dilip Salunkhe. He added that technical survey has begun long time back. Tenders will be invited in February 2017 and construction will likely to begin in May.

Mum- Nagpur Super Expressway project
- Will cover 825 kms distance and 8 lane expressway
- This express will cross 10 districts, 22 talukas and 345 villages
- Estimated cost Rs. 46,000 crores
- Work will begin in 2017 and probably will finish in 2019
- Mum- Nagpur Super Expressway will cut down 16 hours journey into 8 hours