Passengers traveling via the Monorail go down in number

MMRDA co-operation director Dilip Kawathkar said that the monorail extension till Jacob Circle will benefit the service


Number of passengers travelling in India’s first monorail, started from Chembur to Wadala, have been decreasing constantly. Earlier, the monorail was non-functional for almost nine months after a major fire incident. However, there have been negligible profits after the monorail service was started again.

Earlier on November 1, 2017, 15,000 commuters used to take the monorail daily but the number has reduced to 10,000 in September 2018. With many mishaps, to handle monorail operation was already difficult for Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and the decrease in the number of passengers posses financial problems regarding the same.  

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MMRDA bears the loss of lakhs of rupees to run the monorail on this route and after the fire incident, the development authority lost a lot of money from the state fund. Earlier, monorail's single trip used to cost around ₹4,600 but now the cost has gone up to ₹10,600 per trip.

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MMRDA co-operation director (Public Relations) Dilip Kawathkar informed Mumbai Live that the ongoing extension of the monorail from Chembur to Jacob Circle will definitely benefit the service.

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