A Stampede-Like Situation In Andheri Due To Escalator Malfunction

Western Railway has identified 17 other escalators on the Western Railway route which might face a similar problem and closed down these escalators.


There was a stampede-like situation on platform number 3 of Andheri Station on Monday, February 17 when the ascending escalator suddenly started to move in the opposite direction. This resulted in the minor injury to a commuter who was then given first aid at Andheri station. Western Railway officials took action in this regards and have closed the escalator for now. They further identified 17 other escalators on the Western Railway route which might face a similar problem. They stated that strict actions will be taken on the person who was responsible for the maintenance of the escalators.

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Western Railway's Chief Public Relations Officer Ravinder Bhakar stated that there was either some brake slippage issue or a mechanical failure in the motor's coupling system, but due to a number of protection measures in place, the escalator stopped immediately. 17 such escalators with similar issues are being attended to. Their motors are also being replaced as a preventive measure.

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One of the first people to report this problem on Twitter was an IT professional Amey Save who said that IIT should conduct a survey on the escalator and the main reason for this malfunction could be overloading of the escalator as it was during peak hours. 


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Another Twitterati who was a former Income Tax officer Narendra Soneji said that it is a very serious lapse on the part of the Western Railways that an ascending escalator is suddenly going in the reverse direction at Andheri station. The authorities are playing with the lives of the commuters. 

It was indeed a scary incident and had it not been corrected in time, could have got a lot worse. We hope that WR takes all the necessary steps to make sure that an incident like this does not happen in future.