Mumbai's Central and Western Railway officials, every year, collect hundreds of crores as fines from people who travel without tickets. Despite imposing fines, many in the city are used to travelling without tickets. 

Recently collected data reveals that Western Railway (WR) has recovered approximately ₹104.10 crore as fine between April to December 2019, from ticketless and irregular commuters. The release sent by WR states that the number of people who commute without irregularly or without tickets has increased by 8.85 per cent from the corresponding period of last year. Around 21 lakh cases have been registered in the period mentioned above. 

Talking about the same, Ravinder Bhakar, WR chief public relations officer said, "A total of 2,124 checks were conducted during from April to December 2019 against touts and other anti-social elements by the Commercial department." 

Officials have mentioned around an amount of 10.14 crore was recovered only in  the month of December 2019 from more than two lakh commuters. Data also reveals that approximately 1,821 people were apprehended, prosecuted and fined as per the law and the Surakshini squad has moved around 1,632 beggars from the stations.

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