Indian railways does not have a team to assist the injured or the dead, reveals RTI

Around 10-12 passengers die on a daily basis at CR and WR, yet Indian Railways does not have special team to help either injured or dead passengers. So far station masters have been doing this job with the help of passengers or coolies.

Indian railways does not have a team to assist the injured or the dead, reveals RTI

The Indian railways get the maximum revenue from Mumbai, yet, the administration behaves indifferently with Mumbaikars especially during railway accidents.

Often, when people meet with railway accidents, injured passengers lie helplessly on the tracks waiting for help but no one comes from the Indian railways attends to help. This is because the Indian Railways have not recruited any special team to assist injured people and this has been confirmed by the authorities themselves in the form of Right To Information reply.

RTI expert Shakil Ahmed Sheikh had filed an RTI seeking information from both Central Railway and Western Railway on the recruitment of workers and coolie to pick up dead bodies and injured people who fall down on railways tracks from running locals.

As per the reply given by RTI officer Narmeshwar Jha, there are no specific people hired by Indian railways to help injured or pick up dead bodies. He further added that during such incidents, station master takes help from a coolie or other passengers.

Lack of timely treatment

Every day, more than 1 crore people travel in suburban locals and owing to the peak hours rush, many passengers travel with a risk by standing near the door. Just due to this concern, around 10-12 passengers die on the spot and many others due to lack of treatment.

A lot of times, station master takes help of druggists to lift dead bodies or injured people. But at many instances it takes a lot of time to find such people, due to which the injured patient dies as he/she doesn’t get treatment when needed,” Shakil Ahmed Sheikh, RTI activist.

Sheikh said that he has written to Railway minister Piyush Goyal and Railway Board manager Ashwini Lohani to recruit coolies or a special team for the same.

Statistics of injured and dead passengers in 2017

Central Railway

  • Injured patients- 1435
  • Dead passengers- 1534

Western Railway

  • Injured patients- 1540
  • Dead passengers- 1086

Harbour Line

  • Injured patients- 370
  • Dead passengers- 394


  • Injured patients- 3345
  • Dead passengers- 3014
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