There's a new look AC local train in Mumbai

The new model of AC local train will be open for the public after the trial run is successful

There's a new look AC local train in Mumbai

After a long wait, Mumbai gets another AC local train. The upgraded or second AC local, which left from Hyderabad on Sunday, arrived in the city on Wednesday late night. In the new AC local, the equipment installed is of a Hyderabad-based company ‘Medha’. 

After arriving in Mumbai, the AC local is being prepared to go for a test run and after that, it will be open to the public. The new AC local was also manufactured by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. 

There are more expectations from the new AC local as the motor units have been installed under the coaches providing more space for the passengers to sit. While in regular local trains the motor unit is installed after every three or four coaches eliminating the space for commuters. 

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Nearly 1,116 commuters can sit in the current running model of AC local train while the new AC local can fit almost 1,208 passengers. After the second model, the third model of the AC local train may arrive in the city soon. 

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