One more incident occurs at Elphinstone Road station, woman escapes with minor injuries


On 29 September, Elphinstone bridge stampede took 23 lives due to the narrow rail over bridge. When everyone thought it was over, another incident proved that Elphinstone rail-over-bridge is in need of repair.

On Friday, Anita Basak (38) was standing on a bridge at the ticket counter. While she was standing, a part of the slab from the ceiling fell on her head. The incident took place around 3:45 pm. The women escaped with minor injuries. She was immediately rushed to KEM hospital but was discharged soon. Chembur resident Anita Basak had come to Elphinstone bridge on Friday for some work. 

Elphinstone Road station in the city has been under the radar for a long time now. Despite many commuters reporting the poor state of the station, officials had not taken any warnings seriously. The recent stampede raised concerns again after many passed away due to the poor governance and the condition.

This incident did not affect many, but should definitely raise an alarm for the officials to start working on making this and many other stations better. 

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