All cars to be equipped with speed devices

All cars to be equipped with speed devices

The Maharashtra State Government has announced the use of speed limit equipment in the vehicles including black yellow taxis, ola cabs, tourist taxis and small tempos that weigh less than 3500 kg. After the installation of this device, the maximum speed of trains cannot exceed 80 kmph.

As per the information at hand, it is compulsory to install speed limit equipment in all vehicles which will cost around 15 to 20 thousand rupees.

Earlier as well, the central government had stated to get such kind of speed devices installed, but the state government after making certain amendments in this rule have made it a mandate that the vehicle that can accommodate not more than 8 people in it has to have speed devices installed in them. Not only this, the vehicles that fail to follow this rule can have their registrations canceled as well.

While a good number of commuters seem to be quite happy with the decision, the union of taxi drivers, on the other hand, is quite disappointed with it.

The leader of the Mumbai Taximen's Union, AL Quadrose said that the Central Government has made this decision under the pressure of Speed Governors. Quadrose further added that the government to work to the benefit of the speed device companies is imposing such a kind of law on taxi drivers.

Quadrose raises the question stating that on Thursday around 300 taxis were returned without the fitness renewal certificate because the RTO was working under the influence of the speed governors. And now that the government is trying to bring those 300 taxi drivers back on the roads, because how come it will be at all possible for these taxi drivers to install devices that cost a sum which is as high as 17 thousand rupees?

The taxi union has, therefore, got a petition ready to be filed in the court against this rule and the union may go for a protest as well against the government.

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