WR to get Medha rakes while CR to get Bombardier rakes

The Medha train is the first local train in India that has its electricals manufactured in India

WR to get Medha rakes while CR to get Bombardier rakes

Commuters on Central Railways (CR) who have been traveling in old, rusty trains will finally have something to look forward to during the commute as these new trains will bring an end to the practice of the line receiving second-hand trains. The earlier 72 Bombardier-make trains were to be given to the CR but in a last-minute decision last year, the entire lot was shifted to Western Railways (WR) instead. 

The first batch of 20 Bombardier-make trains will enter Central Railway by January 2018 and the entire fleet will arrive in Mumbai by March. 

Bombardier trains which are known for their sleek design, the perforated bar at the entrance of the door which makes it easy to grip. It was 2003 when CR got new trains. It is also being said that the bombardier rakes might run on Harbour Line

Earlier, 13 Medha local was going to arrive on CR but due to some technical difficulty, the locals were moved to WR. Also, out of 13 locals, one local has arrived in Mumbai and will soon run on tracks. While four more locals will run by December 10.

Medha runs 110 km per hour  

Medha rakes have been designed and built at the Integral Coach Factory and costs around INR 43.23 crore as compared to Bombardier local which costs around INR 44.36 crore. Commuters will feel comfortable owing to better seating comfort.

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