Netizens get into a frenzy over Maharashtra university exam cancellation

Netizens get into a frenzy over Maharashtra university exam cancellation

Uday Samant, the Maharashtra State Minister of Higher Education, recently announced that all the university students, except the final year students, will be promoted to the next level. This news comes amidst the coronavirus lockdown and has sparked an array of memes on twitter as netizens get into a frenzy over the news. 

Earlier on Thursday the State Minister had tweeted that the final decision would be announced on Friday, May 8, 2020. The officials announced that only the final year students will give their exams between July 1 and 30, unless lockdown is extended further. Samant gave this statement almost a month after forming an expert committee which included vice-chancellors of state universities, directors of state Common Entrance Test (CET) cell and Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) as well as other experts, to come up with a concrete plan for the current and next academic year. 

To ensure the promotion of the students, a 50-50 per cent gradation formula will be used where 50 per cent of the performance will be based on the previous year and rest 50 per cent on the current year. First and second-year students who will not be content with their grades will be given a chance to improve on it later. Students who fail to achieve the passing grades will also be promoted to the next year and will be given a chance to redeem themselves. They will have to clear the papers in their next term. Furthermore, Samant asked the final year students to not be disappointed with the decision as it was taken as per the UGC guidelines. However, he ensured that if the lockdown continues then the committee will further review the situation and plan according to the circumstances. He also stated that even for the final year students, social distancing norms will be followed to diminish the spread of the coronavirus.