SS Unhappy with Inauguration of Swimming Pool


Dahisar- Shiv Sena protested against the swimming pool built by BMC at Dahisar's Shukla Compound over the Murbadi lake. This swimming pool was inaugurated by CM Devendra Fadnavis on 17th September. During this event, Shiv Sena members were not present. This area's MLA Prakash Surve belongs to Shiv Sena's, still, neither him nor shiv sainik turned up for the event. Mayor Snehal Ambekar wrote a letter to CM saying that inauguration was done by former mayor Sunil Prabhu. She also mentioned that BMC had given funds to the swimming pool and so inauguration should have been done by BMC.

Meanwhile, MLA Pravin Darekar said that 9 months back, swimming pool was ready and they had approached the mayor but he did not give his time and so the inauguration was done by CM.