Neeta Shah, Aditi Mediratta's book 'The Stranger In Me' has something unique in store for the readers

Introducing the concept of Parallel Life, the book 'The Stranger In Me' talks about how every man, like the protagonist himself, is leading different lives. Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui was present at the launch of the book and spoke about the potential of the book being adapted into a film.


We often find ourselves juggling between different roles in our lives. As an adult, we are constantly multitasking between our personal and professional lives, grounded to reality yet dreaming of being someone or reaching somewhere. We are always facing an ongoing battle in our heads as we live in parallel worlds, as different individuals embodied as a single person. 

The concept of these parallel lives have been carefully put together, weaving a beautiful story of a man named Amit, in Neeta Shah & Aditi Mediratta's latest book 'The Stranger In Me'. Om Books International celebrated the launch of the book at Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai. Bollywood Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui graced the occasion with his presence at the event. The talented authors shared their experience of putting together the book with moderator Salil Acharya and the audience.

Also present on the occasion were Producer Ashok Thakeria, Distributor Anil Thadani, Actor Siddhanth Kapoor, Music Composer Sulaiman Merchant (Music Director Duo Salim-Sulaiman) amongst others.

Ajay Mago, owner of Om Books International, shared an insight about the book, saying, "It's not just about parallel life but also about also about human experiences. So many other aspects of life are being told in this particular book. What stayed stuck with me was the concept of parallel life. I had never read anything on parallel life by an Indian author. As publishers the first thing we see in any manuscript is the first page. The first page is a decider for whether we want to go ahead or not. A few editors in the house read the book and then we have a little discussion after we approve the first level. So, their book came into different levels. I think we took a bit of time and we had a lot of discussions on it." 

Adding to the same Neeta added, "We had over 12 drafts for the books. We were given a great team of editors to work with us and know the pulse of the market. This is because somewhere we write it as a Hindi film story but for a book it needs to be a little different. What excited us is that no one has ever attempted to write about the theory of Parallel Lives in a book or a film in the Hindi film industry."

Nawazuddin Siddiqui also had great things to say about the author Neeta. He said, "Neeta is very creative, be it in marketing or writing. She sees things through a very different perception which is very fascinating. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put the book down till you finish it. I wish her all the luck and success with this path she has chosen.”

When asked whether books should be adapted into films, the actor replied: “It depends…sometimes you have to simply translate the book or sometimes you have to make an adaptation of a book. I feel books have a lot of material, if you want to make it into a web series, then you can give detailed information about the story and if you want to make it into a film, you need to highlight certain special incidents which will develop the story. The Stranger in Me has special elements. There are a lot of twists in it, the pace of this book is really fast and there is an inner connection between human emotions, so I feel there is a possibility that a film could be made on this book."

The book is all set to glue the audience to the compelling concept of parallel lives and how every individual is living different lives because of the choices he/she makes at different instances. 'The Stranger In Me' narrates the story of everyone's life and the challenges we face and the masses would connect the story and the experiences of the protagonist. 

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Neeta Shah, Aditi Mediratta's book 'The Stranger In Me' has something unique in store for the readers