Tumhari Sulu Review: Vidya Balan 'wows' with her show and casts a spell again

Vidya Balan isn’t wrong when she says ‘Main Kar Sakti Hai.’ Believe it or not, it’s time to call her a legend, as she yet again proves it in Tumhari Sulu. Here's the movie review...

Tumhari Sulu Review: Vidya Balan 'wows' with her show and casts a spell again

Cast: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia, Malishka, Vijay Maurya and Abhishek Sharrma

Rating: 4/5

We’re very well aware that it is difficult for a working woman to pursue a career and manage the household, but across the world, many women are successfully following this routine every day, and have a mark despite the pressure. Their commitment and perseverance to their balance both the professional and personal life is commendable, as they deliver both the best abilities with a smile, always. One such character in the film is Sulochana aka Sulu – a simple lady who lives with or around you.

Sulochana Ashok Dubey (Vidya Balan) is a housewife, who loves her husband Ashok Dubey and son Pranav. The small family strives to fulfill everyday happiness and coming home to his ‘Sulu’ is what Ashok loves every day. Sulu is proud of her achievements and finds immense happiness in winning prizes – be it through a contest on a radio show, or a silly competition in the society or school. But her aim is to have a business or do something big that makes her happy. As shown in the trailer, Sulu wins a pressure cooker in a radio contest and at ‘Wow’ radio she finds a notice, reading which she plans on becoming an RJ. She meets RJ Albeli Anjali who helps her speak to Maria (Neha Dhupia) about the position. Maria offers her the job, with a late night radio show named ‘Tumhari Sulu’ where she is expected to speak to callers in a sensuous tone. She makes a mark with the show, wins the heart, but amidst all that, her attention to everyday responsibilities takes a hit.

How she balances everything despite the troubles and how she brings everything on track makes the rest of the film, Tumhari Sulu.

Vidya Balan gave us the dialogue ‘Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai ... entertainment, entertainment, entertainment ... aur main entertainment hoon,’ and she, yet again proves it right. Everything about her in this film - expressions, laughter, dialogues, and emotions – are delivered to the perfection. Vidya Balan’s performance as Sulu is superlative. No one but Vidya could have played Sulu, for it seems that this role is specially written for her.

Other characters of the film – Ashok Dubey (Manav Kaul), Maria (Neha Dhupia), Albeli Anjali (RJ Malishka), Pranav (Abhishek Sharrma), Pankaj (Vijay Maurya) - add a lot of value to the film, including Sulu’s family. The chemistry between Ashok and Sulu is adorable. They portray a couple who you will come across every day, and these relatable characters are what make the experience special and memorable.

It is difficult to deliver a simple storyline, but the writer-director Suresh Triveni’s efforts pay off. The storyline, dialogues and the emotions written, will make you a part of the film, so much that you will laugh and cry with the characters. The team of music directors has given an impressive soundtrack which complements the film.

Back in 2012, it was Sridevi in English Vinglish, who played Shashi and won our hearts with her heartwarming come back. And now in 2017, it is Sulu in Tumhari Sulu who again is bound to do the same. Both these characters of a housewife are a pure reflection of an everyday woman - one who we come across every day. This movie is a tribute to all those women who live for themselves and equally for their family, for all those women who despite the troubles, do what they purely love and dream of achieving.

This film is by far, one of the best ones written this year. Take your mom or wife along, as they deserve this treat… with love, from you.

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