Developers of PUBG announce 'PUBG Mobile India' after the ban

PUBG Corporation, on November 12, launched the same with a new name, with the business being by the South Korean corporation. The firm is also focused towards developing event, employment and new business opportunities in the country

Developers of PUBG announce 'PUBG Mobile India' after the ban

The popular mobile game, PUBG, which became a craze among the Indian youth, will soon return for its fans in India. The game was banned by the central government along with several Chinese mobile apps in June 2020. However, the makers have confirmed a new Pubg Mobile Game for the Indian audience.

Developers have said that the soon-to-be-launched new game will be called PUBG Mobile India and will focus towards Indian players. After its ban in India, the makers announced that the corporation no longer authorised its franchise Shenzhen-based Tencent Games in the country and the access for Indian users was terminated. This was applicable for new users, while some who had downloaded, were able to continue the same.

With an aim to cater to the Indian market, the new game will ensure the data security and will also focus on the regulations in a strict manner. The corporation via a press release has confirmed that the respective teams will conduct audits on a regular basis, thereby making sure the data and personal information stored about the Indian users is safely managed.

Besides this, the team is also looking at improving the content and customising it as per the need, and the changes in this version would include additional features. More importantly, there will also be a time limit set for young users, which would play a vital role in development. 

Reports state that the corporation is also focused on creating opportunities in India using a subsidiary. This would be achieved through investments and employment in the country. Officials have stated that staff members and experts from various areas from business, gaming and other sectors will be approached by the  PUBG Corporation to strengthen manpower. 

On the investment front, the firm is considering an investment of $100 million in the country, across sectors. This would be facilitated by a Korean company and a big portion of the same would be invested in the development of esports events and tournaments in the country. The decision regarding the same ha been taken with an aim to boost the gaming community, thereby create IPs and events exclusive to the country.