After filing a petition against his son for leaving him broke and roofless, retired business tycoon and founder of Raymond Ltd, Dr. Vijaypat Singhania has been hospitalised after he complained of severe chest pain. 

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As reported in TOI, doctors at Breach Candy hospital said he had to be admitted as his "parameters'' were not normal and required immediate attention and investigation. Singhania, who will turn 79 in October, had undergone a coronary bypass surgery in London in March.

Dr. Singhania was taken to the hospital on Thursday and Dr.Hemant Thacker examined him. The doctor decided to keep him under observation for 48 hours as his blood pressure was high. Dr.Thacker confirmed that Singhania was under his care. He said his condition was "stable''. Dr.Thacker had spotted heart blockages when Singhania had visited him earlier this year with chest pain.

The Singhanias have been in the news as Gautam Singhania has allegedly left his father with no money and Singhania Sr is almost broke after building a multi-million empire and setting up things for his son. Let’s hope Singhania Sr recovers soon.

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