Almost 36,431 cases of rabies reported in Mumbai

The common symptoms of Rabies are irritability, fever, hallucinations, weakness and more

Almost 36,431 cases of rabies reported in Mumbai

In Mumbai, almost 36,431 cases of rabies have been reported since the inception of the year 2019. However, there is no shortage of anti-rabies vaccines across the state. Rabies is usually transmitted through an animal bite, for example, from stray dogs and other animals. 

This was revealed in the ongoing Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Monsoon session on Friday. State Urban Development Minister Yogesh Sagar informed that 7,378 cases were reported in January this year followed by 4,664 in February, 8,036 in March, 10,640 in April and 5,713 cases of rabies in May. 

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Sagar admitted that there was a slight delay in the supply of anti-rabies vaccinations from January 10 to January 20 and the reason for the same was a quality issue. However, after that, there has been no vaccine shortage. 

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