Mumbaikars to be blessed with water as Modak Sagar lake overflows

The current water level is 6 per cent lesser in all lakes as compared to last year


On Sunday afternoon, around 3:05 pm, Modak Sagar lake overflowed after the area was subjected to heavy rainfall in the last week.

In a day, the seven lakes supply 3,750 million litre water to Mumbai against the actual demand of 4,200 million litre. However, in the last one week, there has been a substantial rise in water levels owing to the good rainfall. But, in comparison to last year, the current water level in all lakes is around 6 per cent less.

So far, the city has already received 1600 mm rainfall. As per the civic hydraulic engineering department, all the reservoirs have 8,19,742 million litre of water, that will last for at least 200 days for the city.  

Last week, Tulsi lake, which provides water to Mumbai, started overflowing giving respite to Mumbaikars. The water storing capacity of this lake is 139.17 m and has already crossed the mark. Last year, the same had happened on August 14, 2017.

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