Drug stores to remain open on May 30?

    Drug stores to remain open on May 30?
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    The decision to start the e-portal by the central government has been strongly opposed by All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists Association (AIOSD) and they have called for a nationwide strike on May 30. Maharashtra State Chemists and Druggist Association will participate in this shutdown and this will affect Mumbai as well. But around 25,000 pharmacy owners have decided not to participate in this nationwide strike. According to the President of Maharashtra Registered Pharmacist Association, Kailas Tandale, pharmacy stores will remain open.

    The Government of India decided to give e-portal a try to keep in check illegal sale of pharmaceuticals and marketing of medicines. The AIOCD has called for shutting down on May 30 saying that the decision of the center is not feasible and that the drug vendors will be hit. AIOCD claims around 8.5 lakh shutdowns are expected across the country. However, the pharmacist organisation in the state has opposed the shutdown. There will be no damage to anyone due to e-portal and there will be transparency in the health sector.The illegal drug manufacturing trade-off will go away. The pharmacists have taken a decision to welcome the e-portal because of this.

    Tandale said that 25,000 drug stores would be open out of 60,000 to 65,000 drug stores across the state and 20,000 stores of pharmacists association and 5000 shops of other pharmacists owners would be open.

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