Liquor worth ₹11 crores sold in Maharashtra in just one day

Alcohol sale in Mumbai, Pune and other cities in Maharashtra resumed on May 4, 2020. The report release by the state excise department reveals that around four lakh litres of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) was sold in the state.

Liquor worth ₹11 crores sold in Maharashtra in just one day

The Maharashtra government recently decided to allow alcohol sales in Mumbai, and the liquor shops were open in some parts of the state from May 4, 2020. A similar pattern was observed in Mumbai and Pune, despite the cities bring red zones or hotspot for coronavirus spread. On Monday, people gathered outside liquor shops and wine shops forming serpentine queues to buy alcohol.

Report released by the Maharashtra Excise Department mentioned that the state collected revenue of ₹Rs 11 crores through liquor sales, in merely day one on May 4, 2020. Further, the report reveals that around four lakh litre of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) was sold in the state.

Government officials on May 3, 2020, announced the relaxations in green zones and some selected areas in red and orange zones across Maharashtra. This move was taken after the Ministry of Home Affairs announced an extension of lockdown, by two more weeks, in red and orange zones. As of now, some parts of India will observe lockdown until May 17, 2020.

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The restrictions were lifted with certain conditions were only standalone liquor shops were given permission to operate. Visuals on social media were shared by several users which showed people gathering outside liquor shops. While there were many memes that were made on this subject, many Indians also slammed the government's decision to let these shops open. Activists also stated that the sale of alcohol may result in an increase in domestic violence cases in the country.

Despite the criticism, officials decided to continue with the decision and liquor shops across the state were opened on Tuesday again, with people waiting for long hours to purchase alcohol. 

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