BEST delays 303 new buses proposal

    Pali Hill
    BEST delays 303 new buses proposal
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai - BEST serves the entire Mumbai city. Loads of commuters rely on BEST buses to reach their destinations. BEST proposed a project of 303 new buses, a demo bus was to run on the road on 8 December. The proposal got delayed , as Tata groups couldn't deliver the buses on time.

    General Manager BEST Dr. Jagdish Patil informed that ,"303 buses order was given to Tata motors and they delayed it. Once the buses come they will undergo test. Around 100 buses will be delivered in March." Political angle has also been added to the story when Congress leader Ravi Raja alleged BEST fooling commuters. As per him,"on an average BEST is bearing loss of Rs 2 crore on daily basis cause of less number of buses and it can't meet the demands of the commuters.BEST is showing it on papers and troubling the commuters." Till then Mumbaikars wait on the bus stop or catch the one running in front of you.

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