Bhima Koregaon Violence: Accused should be punished like Yakub Memon, says Dr Prakash Ambedkar

National leader of political party called Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh, Dr Prakash Ambedkar called off the Maharashtra bandh protest after Bhima Koregaon violence

Bhima Koregaon Violence: Accused should be punished like Yakub Memon, says Dr Prakash Ambedkar

On the backdrop of Bhima Koregaon protests, national leader of political party called 'Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh', Dr Prakash Ambedkar, called for a Maharashtra bandh on January 3, 2018. On this day, thousands of dalit workers got on to the streets and carried out protests. Dr Prakash Ambedkar cleared his stand on the same while speaking to Mumbai Live.

The violence which erupted at Bhima Koregaon was premeditated. People were incited, they were given weapons to carry out violence. Hindu Ekta Aghadi and Shivraj Pratisthan's Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide Guruji are the mastermind of these attacks. Three people lost their lives and a lot of people got injured. My question to the government is, how come these accused are on the run? Why are they not behind the bars? I appeal to the government that people who are responsible should be arrested under section 302 of IPC just like Yakub Memon." 

Dr Prakash Ambedkar

Reason behind the protest 

200 years ago a war took place between Peshwa and East India Company troops. This fight was against the prohibitions on people led by the Britishers during the Peshwa era. This year this historic fight completed 200 years and so around 250 associations decided to commemorate the event by organising a programme at Bhima Koregaon. It was a simple event where people were supposed to come and pay tribute. There were no speeches or rallies. Yet, Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide who run Hindu Sanghtana parties thrashed people who were visiting Bhima Koregaon. They burnt the vehicles, pelted stones which claimed one life.

Accused are still on the run

The government is keeping mum on the whole issue. Why are they not arresting the accused?

Why riots if there are no differences

These social organisations who are supposed to maintain peace in communities are inciting communal tension and we should expose this. These organisations want to spread hatred amongst communities and that is their main agenda. I wonder if the state government needs violence or peace?

Hindu Sanghtanas are killing Hindus

The Hindu Sanghtanas are not only targeting Hindus but killing them as well. It's time that Hindus now should take a call as to whom should they support. Though these protests, we are giving chance to such people to voice out their angst.

Atrocity should be revoked

Our first demand is people who provoked the violence at Bhima Koregaon should be punished under section 302 of IPC and the government should revoke the atrocity act.

Take Supreme Court's guideline in consideration

Our second demand is that people who are behind these violent acts should be prosecuted under section 302 of IPC. Because the SC had issued guidelines in the case of Yakub Memon. He was not involved in 1993 blasts but he had provided necessary arms and ammunition to carry our deadly attacks. People who carry out protest are guilty but those who help them are equally guilty.

Protest will get over only if

We have called out for a peaceful protest and so our workers will get on streets and will carry out peaceful demonstrations. If the state acts on the names given by us then we will call off our protest.

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