BMC might not collect garbage from your society anymore

    BMC might not collect garbage from your society anymore
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    The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has rolled their sleeves in order to tackle the increasing garbage menace. From 2 October, the BMC will not collect waste from high rise buildings. These societies will have to convert their wet waste into fertilizer. The BMC will provide training to the societies regarding the same. At the same time, the BMC will collect garbage from small societies provided they segregate their waste.

    Zero waste exhibition
    K/West ward officers and workers will hold an exhibition which will focus on creating fertilizer out of wet waste. This exhibition will run from 21 to 23 July and will be open from 11 am to 5 pm for Mumbaikars.

    “Be it Deonar dumping ground or Mulund dumping ground, it has started overflowing which is a growing concern. The only way to deal with it is the societies who generate a lot of wet waste convert the same into fertilizer and use it as a compost," said Devendra Kumar Jain, assistant commissioner, K/East Ward.

    There will be 44 stalls in the exhibition which will comprise of equipment which can be useful to create fertilizer. Along with this, members of few societies such as Blossom society, Devangini society, Swachh Parle Abhiyaan and Vijay Nagar will be present in the exhibition who have are known as zero waste societies. 

    “We can use our kitchen waste for creating fertilizer. Though it is a time-consuming process, the fertilizer which comes out of it is of a good quality,” said Dr. Vani Kurhalli, Member, Swachh Parele Abhiyaan.

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