BMC to cover open drains with polycarbonate sheets

The locals living in Dahisar (West) and Borivali (East) have repeatedly complained to the BMC regarding the open sewers


In order to cover the open drains and sewers, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to use polycarbonate (blue plastic) sheet on a trial basis in Borivali and Dahisar. 

For the last few days, the complaints made by the people living in Dahisar (West) and Borivali (East) to BMC regarding the open sewers have been increasing. The locals have repeatedly complained about the drains overflowing in some areas. 

With no caps to cover the drains, the locals have complained about increasing diseases in the area which is affecting people’s health. Therefore, the BMC has decided to cover the sewers with the polycarbonate sheets. 

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Moreover, the civic body informed that these polycarbonate sheets will be removed for the purpose to clean at regular intervals. BMC will currently implement this on a trial basis and if the same is successful, the civic body will cover other areas. 

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