It was pouring in Mumbai on Tuesday and the situation got serious as the city came to a standstill. Transport of any means wasn't functional and due to continuous rainfall, there was water logging in many areas. Amidst all this, residents of BDD Chawl no. 110 caught fish in the gutter. Yes, you heard that right. 

Cat fish are a rare kind and are only found in the ocean. Residents have caught 8-10 such fish till now. 

As it was raining very heavily yesterday and an expected high tide, these fish came out of the gutter. Also, Worli witnessed the heaviest rainfall due to ongoing constructions, so the residents got to see the fish," Rishi Agrawal, Environmentalist.

Cat fish are found in dirty water and near gutters and so they can't be considered as a delicacy. Some of them are poisonous as well. If the fish has one black line on his neck, consider it to be poisonous. Finding them in gutters is not an unusual phenomenon, it is very normal," Dr. Vinay Deshmukh, Ichthyologist.

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