Goat auctioned by Central Railway! Yes, you heard that right

A person had abandoned his goat when the TC asked him to show his ticket at Masjid station


Central Railway officials have been babysitting a young goat which was abandoned by her master at Masjid station. The incident took place on Tuesday, when around 4:30 pm, a man was seen walking out of the Mainline platform when ticket collector Ram Kapte demanded to see his ticket.

As per the Indian Railways Act, animals are not allowed on board or in the premises as they can endanger the lives of other commuters.

According to the official, the goat’s owner did not have a ticket and panicked when he was asked for his ticket. Before the TC could do anything, the man ran away and disappeared into the crowd leaving the goat behind.

The confused TC petted the goat and herded her and was brought to CSTM who is now up for auction. One of the senior railway officials said that as per rules, the goat will be auctioned as its owner did not show up to stake a claim.

Hence, the auction was held on Wednesday with a placard that read ₹3000. The caretakers had named the goat ‘Basanti’. Nobody turned up on Wednesday, hence, the auction continued till Thursday, said the railway officials. Finally, Basanti got a buyer and she was sold at ₹2,500. 

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