Mumbaikars gear up to witness rare flash in the sky


In coming two days, Mumbaikars will get to see a rare Iridium flares which will last for a second. This will be visible on two days i.e. on 6 May around 7 pm 49 minutes and 59 seconds and on 7 May around 7 pm 43 minutes and 55 seconds. However, it will be more prominent on 6 May as compared to 7 may, as it will be near the moon.

This is not a rare thing but what makes this flare special is it will be seen near the moon. And Mumbaikars will get to see it with their naked eyes. These flares last for second and so one should be present 10 minutes before the given time to see the flare. Also, photo enthusiasts should keep their camera ready 30 seconds before the estimated time.

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