Charni Road Footover bridge collapses, 2 injured

Charni Road Footover bridge collapses, 2 injured

Mumbai and the citizens here was recently taken aback by the Elphinstone Road stampede, where many lost lives. The railway and the city governance was questioned in regards to the maintained infrastructure, and many in the government had to face shame and hatred in regards to the same.

Just few weeks after the stampede, Mumbai Live has received information that the foot over bridge at Mumbai’s Charni Road station has collapsed too. Few steps on the foot over bridge have detached and this could be a risk for the bridge as it might collapse anytime. As per reports, 2 people have been injured yet.

Sadly, this also means that Charni Road now has no bridge that connects East and West, and this could definitely be a trouble for the commuters.

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While Modi, Piyush Goyal and others from the ruling party, both from the state and the country, are planning for better, safe and faster connectivity; they are also forgetting that the stations which need to be maintained and redeveloped have not been touched or even thought about. While it is good to know that we may have AC local trains and bullet trains in the city, the government also needs to pay attention to such an incident as this could be fatal and lead to major disasters in the city.

Another incident was recently reported today, where a slab from Elphinstone Road station’s ceiling fell on a woman, and thankfully she escaped with minor injuries.

But what is the government doing? Where are the officials who are supposed to keep a record and maintain the stations? How many more incidents would it take for this government to understand the seriousness of such tragedies?

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