40% civic’s solid waste management workers suffering from skin diseases

79% solid waste management employees suffering from allergies, while 40% suffering from skin diseases


Apollo Clinic conducted a first of its kind study on BMC's solid waste management staffers which revealed that 40% of them are suffering from skin diseases. 

They conducted a check-up on 1245 employees in Colaba, Fort, and Andheri and found out that 79 percent SWM employees are suffering from severe allergies, 40 percent diagnosed with upper respiratory infections and 22 percent are suffering from skin infections due to a constant exposure to hazardous environments.

The director at Apollo Clinic, Dr Sanjay Kapote told Mumbai Mirror about ‘Immuglobulin E’ tests (IgE) of the employees which revealed that about 79% of the staffers had a high level of IgE antibodies and these antibodies are usually found in lungs, skin, and mucous membranes. Also, staffers tests revealed that the level of IgE is between 1000 and 3000 which is 20 times more than a normal human being and requires an urgent treatment.

The BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has also requested Apollo Clinic to conduct a health check-up for 25,000 conservancy employees free of cost.

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