Crackdown on Naik Gang

    Crackdown on Naik Gang
    • Pooja Vanarse
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    Girguam - Three members of the Ashwin Naik gang have been arrested for attempting a robbery at an elderly resident's house in Kandewadi. On 5th September, Sadanand Sawant, Amarsingh Wagh and Nitin Sonawane attempted the robbery at Mrs. Padma Shenai's house. Due to her resistance, Nitin Sonawane got caught by the public. Shortly after, the police arrested him. According to information given by him and the other accomplices along with the caretaker of Mrs. Shenai, Rakesh Shah was also nabbed. From 1995-2000 they were booked for similar offences several times. Their boss Ashwin Naik is currently serving a sentence in Nashik jail.

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