Dahisar bridge creates stir in political gallery

    Dahisar bridge creates stir in political gallery
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    Dahisar - Mere proposal of the pedestrian bridge on Dahisar river has been passed and is making rounds. Many political parties are in the race to grab the credit that it is their hard fought efforts which made this possible. In the league are leaders of different parties which includes MNS ward number - 1 shakha pramukh Pandurang Rane. As per him, he wrote an application letter in regard with this in the year 2011 and was giving reminders on regular basis.

    Meanwhile, Corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar told traffic police cancelled the proposal of the bridge and we worked in regard with this and the work order has been issued for the construction of the bridge. Abhishek Ghosalkar replying to a question told,"One of the end of the bridge falls in my ward and i have laid foundation stone of the bridge, while other end falls in Shiv Sena's Corporator Sheetal Mhatre's side. She has done the inauguration of the bridge."

    Lets see who will get the maximum benefit out of this fight, but at the end public will have the last laugh.

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