Death certificate will now be issued for a cow's death

Amidst the growing unrest with cow lynching cases, a death certificate will be now issued for cows by animal hospital authorities.

Death certificate will now be issued for a cow's death

Amidst the increase in cases of cow vigilantism which has resulted in many lynching cases coming to light, the animal hospital authorities will now issue a death certificate for cows to clear any misunderstandings being created. There have been many cases which have come forward where people are questioned or beaten up when they take their cow for the crematorium process.  

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They are thoroughly interrogated even if they claim that the cow has died due to natural reasons. This certificate will further be helpful to identify the actual cause of death and won't leave any space for doubts. This move, in turn, will reduce the number of cow smuggling and mob lynching cases. 

The certificate will further be helpful for identification of cows as well and even reduce the misunderstanding between people due to the current political scenario.  

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