Dhobhi Ghat to get washed out?


Dhobi Ghat- Dhobi Ghat will now get a make-over which will be carried out by Omkar Realtor’s and Development. State government has approved the same and from 25th November redevelopment work will be started. This area consists of more than 5,000 hutments. However slum dwellers of 1,510 Sai Baba Nagar, 960 hutments of Sane Guruji Nagar, 200 hutments of Shaktinagar and 75 hutments of Jay Bhavani Nagar allege that builders and BMC forcibly ousted them form their own house. “BMC and builder duped me saying that they will give my check and demolished my home. When I went to take a check I was told to come later. It’s been 6 months now and till date I haven’t got the check,” said Geeta Mithapura, resident.