Heavy rainfall cost Central Railways ₹20 crores

The rains resulted in waterlogged railway tracks on the Central Railway line which eventually caused the cancellation of more than 100 long-distance trains


The lakes and reservoirs supplying drinking water to the city are almost full and the storage is the highest in the last three years. While on one hand, the issue of water shortage seems to have been resolved, the local trains have suffered a great deal. Due to the constant rainfall, the Central Railways has faced disruption resulting in financial loss for the transport service.

As the railway tracks were waterlogged, long-distance trains faced either major delay or were cancelled. Due to which, more than 100 long-distance trains have been cancelled. All this has resulted in a loss of over ₹20 crore-loss for Central Railways.

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The most affected were the train services between Karjat and Kasara station, due to which, the Central Railway passengers living in Thane district were unable to commute via local trains. Due to the heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday, the train service between CSMT-Kurla was adversely affected.

On the other hand, due to the heavy rains near Thane and surrounding areas, the trains  between Asangaon and Kasara were cancelled. After which, various trains from Karjat, Kalyan, and Titwala were cancelled.

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In the meantime, the Harbour line too was affected as railway tracks at Chunabhatti were filled with water resulting in delay of local trains.

However, as the rainfall has halted for a while, the railway officials have been working round the clock to resolve the issues and avoid any hassles for the Central Railway passengers commuting daily.

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