Saki Naka gang selling used edible oil nabbed by FDA

FDA seized 3566.8 kg adulterated-used oil worth ₹2,30,342 from Nitin’s shop.

Saki Naka gang selling used edible oil nabbed by FDA

Edible oil is a vital ingredient just like salt and spices for preparing daily meals. But what if the edible oil containers you bought contained adulterated edible oil? In a recent expose by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it was found that the oil used by the hotels, restaurants and stalls is being collected and repackaged to be put up for sale. 

FDA discovered that a large amount of oil remained after the food was fried and instead of throwing away the oil it was being repackaged into new oil containers. FDA had received information that the racket was started by a gang in Saki Naka and in response to which, a raid was conducted at Krishna Trading, Saki Naka on Wednesday.

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Joint Commissioner (FDA), Shailesh Adhav revealed that Nitin Pravin Bhanushali was the mastermind behind the oil scam. Nitin would collect all the used oil from the nearby hotels, restaurants and other food stalls, after which he would mix the used oil with 30 per cent unused rice bran oil. Later, he would sell the containers.

Nitin Bhanushali has been arrested and the oil samples have been sent for inspection by the FDA. FDA seized 3566.8 kg adulterated-used oil worth ₹2.3 lakh from Nitin’s shop. Further investigation is in progress.

The oil containers may still be in the market and so FDA has asked the people to be careful while buying edible oil. 

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