Husband Gives Wife Triple Talaq Over WhatsApp

A 23-year old woman who is physically disabled received triple talaq from her husband residing in Kalyan.


The triple talaq was declared as 'unconstitutional'  'void'  and 'illegal' by the Supreme Court in 2017. It has still prevailed not only in rural areas but also in metropolitan cities. 

A 23-year old physically disabled woman in Thane filed a police complaint at Bhiwandi police station.against her husband for giving her triple talaq over WhatsApp. 

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The girl is currently living with her parents in Bhiwandi and had married the man on May 18, 2014. She further alleged that her husband and in-laws demanded ₹10 lakh from her parents and when she refused to pay, she was asked to leave the house. 

The husband sent her a triple talaq message on WhatsApp and refused to answer her calls when she was calling him. The police are seeking out for legal opinion as the woman does not want to proceed with the divorce. 

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