Except Race Course and Wellington Club, other leased plots can now be renewed

    Except Race Course and Wellington Club, other leased plots can now be renewed
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    The BMC has approved a new policy for renewal of plots given on lease but it has excluded big plots like the Race Course and the Wellington Club in the new policy. This has paved the way for renewal of lease for other lease holders.

    The BMC owns these plots after the Mumbai Improvement Trust got merged with it in the year 1933. These 4,177 plots are being leased out permanently, 999-10 years in the categories of Schedule X,Y,Z and Municipal Corporation. Accordingly, the BMC had prepared a plan for lease renewal of these 4,177 plots and it was even passed in the Improvements Committee. The General Body of the BMC rejected this plan as it would have created obstacles in the greater public means as far as big plots like Race Course are concerned. Without passing this plan, it was only registered in the records.

    Once again, the BMC administration has put up this plan before the Improvements Committee but it has excluded big plots such as Race Course and Wellington Club from the purview of this proposal, said Chandrashekhar Chaure, deputy commissioner of property department. A special plan will be prepared for such properties, he added.

    Presently, the lease agreement of 242 plots in the city has come to an end. If the lease holders renew their leased properties, the BMC will earn a handsome income from it and it may also fine those who violated the lease agreement. With this renewal, the pending projects may also see the daylight and redevelopment of tenants can take place easily.

    The State government has issued a notification regarding Race Course land in last month. The government has kept its power reserved as far as this plot is concerned and hence a special plan will be made for such big plots. The Shiv Sena dreams to make an international level theme park at Race Course ground. What will happen to this ground cannot be said right now as State government has withdrawn all rights of the civic body in this case.

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