The project to turn J.J Hospital into a Multi-Speciality Hospital in its final stage

The transformation to a hi-tech Multi-Speciality Hospital will cost almost around ₹881 crores

The project to turn J.J Hospital into a Multi-Speciality Hospital in its final stage

J.J Hospital is all set to grow into J.J Multi-Speciality Hospital and has received the approval from the government but due to the interruption in obtaining some necessary permissions, the project has been delayed. 

J.J Hospital has treated millions of patients for more than a century and has moulded many skilled doctors.

The complete matter was brought to notice to the House by Narendra Patil, MLC of the Nationalist Congress Party. Responding to this, Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan said, “The proceedings are underway and soon the construction will be started.”

J.J Hospital will turn into a hi-tech Multi-Specialty Hospital at the expense of ₹881 crore. The makeover will help thousands of poor people in getting the necessary medical services but due to the delay in the project, people will have to wait. There has been some improvement in the development plan for the construction of the hospital and once it is accepted, the construction will begin immediately after the tender, said Girish Mahajan. He also added that the time cannot be estimated for the project to complete. 

However, Jayant Patil raised the question that will see J.J hospital which will be a Multi-Specialty Hospital, outsource private services for sanitation. To which, Girish Mahajan responded that J.J being a Multi-Specialty Hospital, the government will take extra efforts to maintain the standards of sanitation.

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